Interactive Map of UX Companies in Munich

Starting Point

In early 2019, I realized that I was constantly stumbling upon UX companies in Munich that I’d never heard of. As a personal side project, I started a list of all companies that somehow practice user experience design in Munich.


I started by crowd-sourcing a public Google Doc and asked friends and followers on social media to help me collect all UX companies in Munich. In order to make the data more enganging and fun, I then turned it into an interactive map.
Each UX company is displayed as a colored dot at the location of their office. The color depicts the category (agency, consultancy etc.) and the size of the “glow” around each dot represents the (global) size. User can explore the data by clicking on a dot to reveal more details about a company or filter them by category.

I also published a blog post with insights and statistics on the local UX scene.


The map struck a nerve with the UX scene in Munich. It was widely shared on social media and I got lots of positive feedback. As a result, many people added more companies and contributed to the overall success of the project.

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Project Basics

  • Type of WorkPersonal Side Project
  • Year2019
  • My ResponsibilitesData Sourcing · UX Concept · UI Design · Development
  • TeamAlone
  • ToolsGoogle Docs · Mapbox · HTML · CSS · JavaScript