iPad App for Angiography


An angiography system is an X-ray used to diagnose and treat problems with blood vessels such as stenosis or aneurysms. These high-tech systems are very complex and the medical staff often struggles with operating them. This not only costs them time and nerves but also poses a real health risk because heavy exposure to X-rays can be harmful.

How users operate an angiogrpahy system

The goal of the angiography iPad app is to enable the physician and technologist to focus on the patient – supported rather than hindered by technology. The app is an add-on to an existing angiography system and makes it easier for users to perform common tasks and workflows.


My responsibilities included a broad range of tasks from strategy to documentation. Together with product management, I conducted several user interviews in hospitals, synthesized the results, and helped to shape the future scope of the app. To communicate with stakeholders and test with users, I created and iterated on several click dummies. Further, I designed the final UI of the app and worked closely with the developers to bring it to life. Last but not least, I described the user interface in a document that fulfills the regulatory requirements for medical technology.


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Project Basics

  • Type of WorkFreelance
  • PartnerKonzepthaus
  • Year2022-2023
  • Duration1.5 years
  • My ResponsibilitesProduct Strategy · User Research · UX Concept · UI Design · Documentation · Development Support
  • TeamCross-functional Scrum Team (SAFe)
  • ToolsFigma · Azure DevOps