Interactive Map of UX Companies in Munich

Interactive map of UX companies in Munich

Munich has a vibrant User Experience Design scene! From A like Allianz to Z like Zeiss and many companies in between. As a personal side project , I started a list with companies that practice UX in Munich and turned it into an interactive map.

Crowd-sourced List

In early 2019, I realized that I was constantly stumbling upon UX companies in Munich, that I’d never heard of. Either through job openings, meetups or by meeting fellow UXers. Out of curiosity, I started to make a list. A little later, I asked friends and followers on Twitter to help me and contribute to the list. Thankfully they did and added many companies to the public Google Doc. By the end of the year, the list has grown to well over 100 entries. The list continues to be public – so anyone can contribute!

Interactive Map

(Un)fortunatelly lists and tables don’t get any designer excited. That’s why I created an interactive map to make the data more engaging and fun to explore. It seems like I struck a nerve with the Munich UX community. The map was very well received in social media and lots of people added their company to the list.

Each company is displayed as a colored dot at the location of their office. The color depicts the type (agency, industry, consultancy etc.) and the size of the ring around each dot represents the global size of the company. As you can see, the UX scene in Munich is bright and colorful!

The data visualization is made with Mapbox, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and lots of ❤ in Munich, of course.