Siemens Home Appliances


Siemens Home Appliances produces a broad range of different home appliances in various value classes. Since the design is one of the most important factors in the purchasing decision, all of those appliances need aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use interfaces.


Over the course of almost 1.5 years, I worked on the touchscreen UIs of two different appliances. I have accompanied both projects from beginning to end, creating information architectures, wireframes, wireflows, screen designs, motion design examples, and extensive specifications along the way.

The challenge in both projects was to turn a long list of features into an easy-to-use interface, apply the Siemens style guide to the unique constraints of each appliance and maintain consistency across the entire product range. Managing the collaboration between various disciplines, companies, countries, and brands also played a key role.


Both UIs received positive feedback from users during usability tests. The project deliverables have been handed over on time to the software development team with an extensive specification, pixel-perfect assets, motion design examples and click-through prototypes.

Projects Basics

  • Type of WorkWork at IXDS
  • Timeframe1.5 years (multiple projects)
  • My ResponsibilitesConceptual Design · Visual Design · Motion Design · Specification · Documentation · Stakeholder Management
  • TeamDesign teams of BSH (Siemens) & IXDS
  • ToolsSketch · Principle · Illustrator · Photoshop · InDesign · Confluence