Interactive prototype based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (made with Axure). Best viewed in Chrome.

Slackhive Android App

Master’s Thesis Project,  2013.

Slackhive is a (fictitious) Android app for slackliners. The location-based online service enables users to find slackline spots around the globe, discover new spots and share them with others. In addition, Slackhive gives slackliners the ability to easily arrange slackline sessions with friends and foreigners. The app brings people together and encourages them to go outdoors and be active. Slackhive merges elements from social networks with the principle of crowdsourcing into an easy-to-use app with a beautiful user interface. It’s the perfect tool to ensure an amazing slackline for everyone!

The concept and design of Slackhive were developed as part of my master’s thesis at FH Joanneum (Austria) in 2013. I followed a user centered design approach to ensure a great user experience. I did a lot of research, including several face-to-face interviews, an online survey with over 420 slackliners around the world … and lots of practicing slacklining myself. Based on my findings, I developed the information architecture and defined the scope of the app. I then iteratively refined the concept by doing lots of sketching, wireframing, prototyping and user-testing until the result felt just right. Finally, I designed the user interface and built an interactive prototype to show how Slackhive looks and works. Check it out!

Slackhive was developed in cooperation with the company GIBBON SLACKLINES from Germany. However, the app is fictitious and not a GIBBON product!

concept sketchesdesignslackhive-slacker