Multitouch Lab Journal

Bachelor’s Thesis by Vitali Fischbein & Jürgen Röhm

My bachelor’s thesis (a co-production with Vitali Fischbein) deals with the conceptual and graphical design of an electronic laboratory notebook for biochemical research. The so called »Multitouch Lab Journal« (MLJ) application was designed to be used on a multi-touch tabletop in laboratories. The MLJ supports scientists in their daily work, e.g. it helps to better document experiments and improves communication within the research group. The interface and interaction design of the MLJ are both based on thorough user research and the user-centred design cycle.

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Awards & Publications

  • IIIDaward 2011 (Student Category) by the International Institute for Information Design, Vienna
  • »PAGE« (German magazine on design, marketing and media) features the MLJ in a short article (Issue 08.2011, p. 20).
  • »GIT« (a professional journal for laboratories and technology) published a double-sided article about our work on the MLJ (Issue 7, July 2011, p. 452)
  • »WEAVE« (German magazine on interactive design, concept and development) also published a short article about the MLJ (Issue 05.11, p. 013)
  • Finalist at »Ideenwettbewerb« 2013 – A contest for ideas and innovation by SciencePark in Graz, Austria.