University Project by Daniela Graf, Emanuel Haas, Matthias Kampitsch, Jürgen Röhm, Maria Schrack & Ursula Wieshofer, 2013.

Luftikus is a unique 3D game installation which enables the player to blow digital soap bubbles into an imaginary world. It takes skill and curiosity to create a soap bubble and to send it on the desired path into the 3D world. However, when the bubble hits specific objects, hidden stories are revealed and the player discovers the mysteries of the wondrous island. A 3D tracking system and a wind-sensor enable an intuitive gameplay and help to create a novel and imersive experience, complemented by stunning 3D graphics and sound effects.

Luftikus was created using an Arduino, a wind-sensor, Unity3D and Cinema4D. I did lots of the coding in Unity3D using JavaScript.