Joanneum Research Flughafenkoje


Joanneum Research is a research company from Graz, Austria. They came up with the idea to make use of peoples waiting time at the Graz airport by setting up an interactive exhibition and using an “infotainment” approach to promote their research.


Together with the team at the design agency EN GARDE, I came up with the concept to engage visitors through an unusual quiz game that takes the unique airport context into account.


The “Joanneum Flughafen Koje” consists of several iPads and a large projection. Travellers can play a quiz with questions related to the company and its research. Every quiz (=flight) is visualized on a world map. Every correct answer moves the players aircraft one step further towards Graz. This way, everyone can leave their mark on the map. There is also a special kids version with fun illustrations and very little text.

Project Basics

  • Type of WorkFreelance
  • Year2012
  • Timeframe2 Month (part-time)
  • My ResponsibilitesConceptual UX Design
  • TeamCross-functional Team
  • ToolsBalsamiq