• Visitors enjoy the intuitive user interface
  • FortuneTabe - A multitouch project portfolio
  • FortuneTabe - A multitouch project portfolio
  • Curstom tarot/business cards with optical code

Fortune Table

University Project by Alexander Maier, Mac Krebernik, Daniela Graf and Jürgen Röhm, 2013.

“Fortune Table” is a project portfolio based on an ingenious combination of a multitouch table and interactive tarot cards. Each card represents one person and can be placed on the surface of the table. Virtual cards magically appear underneath the real card, each displaying a project made by that person. A card can hold a short description as well as photos and movie clips. It can be scaled, rotated and panned. The metaphor of playing cards is widely known and therefore an intuitive way to interact with the multitouch portfolio.

We used a Samsung SUR40 table as hardware basis for the Fortune Table project and developed a custom application in Flash using AS3, PHP, XML and TUIO. My work included developing the concept and lot’s of AS3 programming, testing and trouble-shooting.

I wrote a short blog post on how we created the Fortune Table.